ShipStik marine products - boat cleaning systems and boat docking aids.  The ShipStik can help you dock your boat alone or on a windy day and it doubles as a long handled brush for boat cleaning and washing
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Cant wait!! I screwed my knee jumping off the boat to the dock on Sunday.Been laid up since. I told my husband I am not going back on the boat until I get this!! So glad to have found your ShipStik online.It's a great product and has made docking so much easier for us. THANKS!!!
-Michelle, NY

Good to hear from you. Yes we used the Shipstik last time out and impressed our
instructor by catching the cleat on an icy pontoon first time around. He had been
quite skeptical and although describing him as a convert might be putting it a
little strongly I think he respected its abilities.

What was quite amusing was that before he saw it in action we had explained how it
works and he had been a bit dismissive. Just then a boat came alongside with a
red-faced middle aged man (a bit like me!) at the helm, bellowing orders at his
wife/girlfriend. She jumped onto the pontoon, didn't catch the cleat in time and he
had to go around and approach again. He was quite unreasonably furious and It
occurred to me that Shipstik has a potential role in saving relationships! I think that there is huge potential across Europe. Frankly I can't see
why anyone wouldn't buy at least one.
Steve-United Kingdom

I have a feeling you will be quite successful.

I am sure everyone at the yacht club will be asking me where I got mine
and I will be sure to tell them.

Great invention!

I wish you the best.
-Daniel, PA

I always have it handy
but used it only when wind and current were against me. To be
perfectly honest and certainly indelicate, we changed the name, based
upon when we use it, to the "Oh Shi*stick." It is an aid. It works as
-Bill, North Carolina

Wow, I really appreciate the follow-up. I think you have a great product for most boats and it certainly works as advertised. Good luck and best wishes,


Used the ShipStik last week, fishing was not good but the stik worked great. Easy to use and built my confidence. As I have had both my knees replaced jumping off a boat is not going to happen. The stik allowed me to feel comfortable getting the dock from either the stern or aft. Thanks for such a good product.
-Deanna, Washington


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